Xdebug is an extension for PHP to assist with debugging and development. It works based on the DBGP protocol. The magic of the debugging starts when the PHP development IDE (in my case VSCode) calls the Xdebug service, and it calls back to the client establishing the two-way channel. In most cases, the configuration between the IDE and Xdebug is solved with a few tweaks of both components. I have contributed to maintaining this page with the instructions to configure Visual Studio Code for Joomla and integrate it with Xdebug: Visual Studio Code. Besides all these notes, there is always one more twist. This week, on Wednesday afternoon, all the sudden Xdebug stopped working, and none of the usual suspects was the cause. If you face a similar issue, these are my notes about the process to find out why the IDE and Xdebug stopped working.

The Xdebug boot process is clearly shown in this graph:

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A quick note from the road, Sentry is a fantastic error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real-time. A few months ago, I created XT Sentry for Joomla for the Joomla Extension Directory (JED), a simple extension to install the client library to integrate the service: https://github.com/anibalsanchez/XT-Sentry-for-Joomla/releases

Integrating Sentry's error handler in Joomla template error page

We have implemented it with great success on Joomla Extension Directory (JED). However, a user reported an error that has not being received in Sentry's reports. Looking for an answer, I've just noticed that errors received and formatted at the template error page are not processed further. To solve this case, this snippet of code can be dropped in the template error.php:

After publishing XT Tailwind for Joomla (anibalsanchez/XT-Tailwind-for-Joomla, XTTJ for short), I have been receiving questions about Tailwind CSS and how to implement it on Joomla. I have summarized them here for future reference. These are the frequently answered questions:

If I build a site with XTTJ, are the other extensions compatible?

No. Most Joomla extensions are currently built based on Bootstrap 2 and jQuery. XT-Tailwind-for-Joomla does not load Bootstrap and jQuery (or any other library or third-party script) to keep the template minimal in the implementation of the original Tailwind CSS distribution.

Are you building a "generic template" with Tailwind?

No. At this point, we are developing several sites using this project (anibalsanchez/XT-Tailwind-for-Joomla) and adapting it to our requirements. Since the toolchain has node, PostCSS, Webpack, and other tools not meant for live sites, then porting XT Tailwind for Joomla to a LAMP site is not possible.

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