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Devops with Lando and Docker

  • Ubucon Europe - Xixón, Spain - 27-29th of April 2018


devops with lando and docker for Joomla

In November 2016, I had the unique opportunity to attended two featured technology events. In a first place, I was invited as Open Source Contributor to WebSummit 2016 and secondly I attended to JoomlaDay Granada 2016. The differences between both events are remarkable, and an accurate description of the current challenges that we face today.

The Challenge to reach The Summit

WebSummit is a huge European event, with an audience of more than 50,000 attendees, where you can find from big corporations, showing well-planned marketing campaigns, to small start-ups pitching non-working prototypes.

Today, I'm reading again about the Nash equilibrium, a simple but powerful idea that explains how self-improving individuals could lead to self-harming crowds.

 what is best for the individual can be disastrous for the group

Two comprehensive article about The Prisoner’s Dilemma and other similar cases:

Hi Parth, I've just translated your article "The Evolution of the Internet from a geek’s paradise to a consumer ecosystem" to Spanish (coming in the next Joomla Magazine edition).

Feedback on The Evolution of the Internet

Re-reading your article, I think that your diagnose is sound.