Today, I'm reading again about the Nash equilibrium, a simple but powerful idea that explains how self-improving individuals could lead to self-harming crowds.

 what is best for the individual can be disastrous for the group

Two comprehensive article about The Prisoner’s Dilemma and other similar cases:

Hi Parth, I've just translated your article "The Evolution of the Internet from a geek’s paradise to a consumer ecosystem" to Spanish (coming in the next Joomla Magazine edition).

Feedback on The Evolution of the Internet

Re-reading your article, I think that your diagnose is sound.

I want a poor student to have the same means of indulging his learned curiosity, of following his rational pursuits, of consulting the same authorities, of fathoming the most intricate inquiry as the richest man in the kingdom, as far as books go, and I contend that the government is bound to give him the most liberal and unlimited assistance in this respect.

Anthony Panizzi 1836 - Principal librarian of the British Museum

Open access: All human knowledge is there—so why can’t everybody access it?

Ref: Open access: All human knowledge is there—so why can’t everybody access it?

Joomla 3.5 is coming with PHP7 support. These stories about PHP 7 experiences are quite interesting to know what is quickly arriving.

How Badoo saved one million dollars switching to PHP7


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