In the context of the Joomlashack conference, I presented the topic of Composer usage on Joomla and in general for any Content Management Systems.

Composer is the leading application-level package manager for PHP. It has been designed for situations where the development team has full control of the environment. In multi-user systems, where independent developers create packages, the Composer usage is not recommended due to the possible conflicts. In this session, we reviewed several techniques to use Composer on Joomla and an innovative new development tool to simplify PHP prefixed code implementation at the application level.

After my last encounter with PHP Xdebug 2.9, I read the news in Laravel News about the release of Xdebug 3, the great new features ... and breaking changes. Almost at the same, Lando users started to report that the new builds of the docker container were coming with the new Xdebug 3. So, it's time to update my recipes for Lando - Docker containers, battle-tested for Lamp, Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, Laravel, etc. In the same movement, I've confirmed the required changes to make it work for Visual Studio Code and felixfbecker/vscode-php-debug.

The required php.ini configuration:

Best practices riding Tailwind CSS

A lot is going on in the Tailwind CSS, if you want to catch on with the latest news and the success that the framework is having now, please, check Adam's post Tailwind CSS: From Side-Project Byproduct to Multi-Million Dollar Business.

This post is about the best practices that I'm currently applying to the development of templates based on Tailwind CSS. Tailwind CSS is a utility-first framework, powerful and expressive, but a lot has to be adapted down the line to have a final product. 

Every time that I have to move a PrestaShop site, developing or supporting XT Search for Algolia, I face the same dilemma. I follow the steps recommended in the official Best Development Practices: How can I migrate my PrestaShop store to a new server? Still, after downloading the backup, restoring the files, restoring the database and configuring app/config/parameters.php I got redirected to the original domain!

my how to migrate prestashop from one server to another server

The problem is simple, you restore the site, you test the new site and ...


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