Since 2007, when I began to experiment with Joomla!, it was always a pending debt attending a Joomla! Day. Finally, the day arrived and the scene was perfect in Joomla Day Sevilla. To add excitement to the moment, I was honored to present the topic of Mobile Application Development: Mobile app development for Joomla

I arrived two days before the event to see the city and participate in the event organization. Sevilla is a wonderful city. From the airport you can already perceive a modern infrastructure, where all details have received attention. Considering the number of tourists arriving in the city and its own weight, this is a great achievement. Later, downtown represents the roots of the zone with labyrinthine neighborhoods, just meters from Real Alcázar and Seville Cathedral.

Sevilla es una ciudad maravillosa

joomla 10 years 5000On May, I blogged about reaching 4,000 points, answering questions on Joomla StackExchange. Today, after 3 months, I have rocketed well over 5,000!

It's fair to say that I'am not alone on this quest. In fact, I'm 4th in the user ranking. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are assigned to:

  • Lodder - London, United Kingdom 11.400
  • johanpw - Norway/Bolivia 7,273
  • FFrewin - Greece 6,622

Let's celebrate together these achivements on 10th Joomla Birthday!

At this time, I am devoted to implement Ionic Framework. It is a beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.

Today, they have just published a blog post about their unique vision about mobile delopment and Why we are building the Ionic Platform. Beyond native apps and the unicorn developer syndrome, Ionic Framework aims to build mobile apps with a web stack, on most widely used and known technology in the world.

Our intense focus on hybrid developers was validated once Ionic started gaining traction, Apple and Google started featuring Ionic apps as best-in-class, and developers came to us asking for recommendations for push notifications, databases, app servers, analytics, and everything in between.

From Internet inception and the web 'information' era, we are now entering in a new phase where information is not only available, it is is available everywhere at any time. This new tide is just rising. I have just found this great presentation of the current state of adoption.

Mobile remakes the tech industry

Presentation: mobile is eating the worldPresentation: mobile is eating the world