It's official now. I am proud to be selected an I will be presenting Joomla Extension Directory development and collaboration process in J and Beyond 2016, Barcelona 20th-22nd May 2016.

JED is our biggest community site to publish extensions and a critical part of Joomla! experience. The development process has recently been opened to everyone. YOU can take the extra step to collaborate and improve it. This session introduces how developers can participate and setup the development environment. Additionally, we are going to show "state of the art" technologies applied in JED massive operation.

jab 2016 jed development how to collaborate and improve our extensions directory

On top of this, I plan to prepare an open presentation (anyone can read it, comment and give feedback) until  the final version is presented on JAB's Sunday. If you are interested to collaborate, please, contact me @anibal_sanchez #JED_development.