Answering questions on Joomla StackExchange, reaching 4,000A year ago, I started answering questions on Joomla StackExchange.

Until now, the experience has evolved from simple Q&A to pretty challenging answers, for example on Javascript Frameworks integration of Mobile Apps.

StackExchange is very helful to provide stats and badgets. Let's review the experience in numbers:

My Top Answers

Reaching 4,000 reputation

Reputation has been steadily growing. I am devoting less time these months, but at least once per day I visit the site to check new interesting questions.

According to StackOverflow 2015 Developer Survey, I am on 0.9% of active users. Additionally, the survey claims that there is a link between compensation and reputation... let's see.

Even though, my wife always asks why I waste time on that site, I plan to be answering more questions!