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Devops with Lando and Docker

  • Ubucon Europe - Xixón, Spain - 27-29th of April 2018


devops with lando and docker for Joomla

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A modern extension for Joomla

a modern extension for joomla

Web and Push Notifications for Joomla

A mobile app per Joomla! website

JED development: how to collaborate and improve our extensions directory

Joomla integration with mobile apps

Mobile apps development for Joomla

Mobile app development for Joomla

Aníbal Sánchez - Perdido y Encontrado en la Computación

Aníbal Sánchez

  • PHP-Prefixer / Product Manager
  • PHP-Prefixer is an automated online service powered by a complex rule-based system to apply prefixes to Composer dependencies.
  • Extly Tech / Team Leader
  • Empower your project with our web solutions. Today, working on Laravel, Amazon AWS, and Ionic. A Joomla Volunteer.

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