joomla 10 years 5000On May, I blogged about reaching 4,000 points, answering questions on Joomla StackExchange. Today, after 3 months, I have rocketed well over 5,000!

It's fair to say that I'am not alone on this quest. In fact, I'm 4th in the user ranking. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are assigned to:

  • Lodder - London, United Kingdom 11.400
  • johanpw - Norway/Bolivia 7,273
  • FFrewin - Greece 6,622

Let's celebrate together these achivements on 10th Joomla Birthday!


About me

Aníbal Sánchez - Perdido y Encontrado en la Computación

Aníbal Sánchez

  • PHP-Prefixer / Product Manager
  • PHP-Prefixer is an automated online service powered by a complex rule-based system to apply prefixes to Composer dependencies.
  • Extly Tech / Team Leader
  • Empower your project with our web solutions. Today, working on Laravel, Amazon AWS, and Ionic. A Joomla Volunteer.

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