After the last crazy-busy months of April and May 2018, I'm finally catching up with the delayed tasks. In the rush of preparing the presentation for UbuCon 2018 - Devops with
Lando and Docker, I also published an ambitious project: Lando Boilerplates for Joomla, WordPress and PrestaShop (GitHub repo).

I have been improving the project mainly with Joomla tooling, but also included WordPress CLI and PrestaShop recipes.

At this point, after these months of development and testing, I think that the recipes are improving and the direction is clear to implement best-practices and advanced tooling (integrated phpMyAdmin and MailHog) for CMSs. For instance, the current tools for Joomla include these nice commands for Lando:

  • "install", to download and extract the latest Joomla 
  • "kick-restore", to download Akeeba's kickstart and extract a JPA backup
  • "unite-restore", to install a JPA backup with Akeeba's Unite
  • "dev-config", to apply my favourite local development configuration to Joomla

devops with lando and docker for Joomla

This is the repository where I'm publishing the updates:

To sum up, Lando is progressing at giant leaps and the combination of different CMSs is perfect for DevOps development.


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